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Don`t be at Risk - protect yourself from life`s challenges with an Apprentice/Trainee Legal Plan today!

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  • Legal Risk is growing, and it is not a question of "if", but of "when". So if you were faced with a legal problem today. What would you do? Who would you call? Could you afford the costs of a lawyer. Read More...

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  • Employee/Trainee Services

  • Understanding your rights as an employee is crucial to ensuring you are treated fairly and not exploited. A legal plan enhances employee awareness and can alleviate this impact and inturn reduce your risk. Read More...

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  • We provide our members with direct access to an experienced professional law firm when they have a Legal need and have built a successful Legal Provider Network around the world. Read More...

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  • Save up to $3000+ every year by taking advantage of the extensive range of savings on offer through our member Rewards programs, you can even recover the cost of your membership. Read More...

Key Benefits of having a Pre-Paid Legal Plan

Unlimited Advice

How often have you wished you good seek some advice only to chose not to because you thought it would cost to much. A legal plan allows you to seek advice on an unlimited number of issues.

Contract and Document review and preparation

To often many of us enter into or sign an agreement we later wish we hadn`t. Doing so can have devastating consequences, especially if you are not aware of your full rights and obligations. Before you sign, have a lawyer review and explain the "fine print" and the legal language of documents including leases, financial agreements, bills of sale or service contracts.

Making a Will

Everyone should have a properly prepared Will. It helps to safeguard the interests of your loved ones. Wills are important legal documents and as such should be prepared carefully with great thought and care. As a member you are entitled to a free simple will and power of attorney, along with a range of other Estate administration support services.

Banking and Finance legal services

All of us at times borrow from financial institutions, money lenders, or enter into some form of credit arrangement, incurring debt, yet too frequently we don`t understand the terms and conditions governing the committment undertaken when borrowing or using credit. With a legal plan whether you are borrowing or lending money you can ensure you understand the complexities of doing so and protect your interests.



Motor Vehicle Legal Services

Accidents can and do happen and there can be a great many legal consequences. Whose at fault? Are you likely to be sued? Accidents can have many implications and they should be discussed with a lawyer at an early stage.

Income Taxation Legal Services

All of us are affected in one form or another. It is an ever changing and complex area of law and your affairs should be looked at regularly to take account of these changes. A legal plan will allow you to seek advice and help you to keep your tax affairs in legal order.

Employment and Workplace Relations

Whether you are an employer or an employee you will be affected by this ever growing and complex area of law. Employment law exists to protect the rights of employers and employees and its complexity means you need to ensure you understand your rights and have access to proper legal support when needed.

Medical/Dental/Health Professional Negligence

Health issues can be worry enough, and going into Hospital for a medical procedure can be a traumatic experience in itself. Yet to find the procedure has been performed negligently can be even more devastating than the procedure itself. You do have rights and a legal plan can help to ensure your rights are protected.

Insurance Matters

Your Legal Plan lawyer will help you understand your rights, interpret policy provisions and protect your interests.

Land and Business Law

Whether buying, building or selling your home or business. It is probably the single biggest financial transaction you will undertake. Virtually every step along the way has a legal implication. You will find yourself inundated with information from Banks, Building Societies, Insurance Companies, Estate Agents, Builders, Finance and Business brokers all claiming to have your best interests at heart. A legal plan allows you to seek true independent advice on all aspects of buying and selling a property,  advice on mortgages, building contracts, insurance agreements and much more.

Family and De facto law matters

When a relationship or a marriage breaks down, it can be a difficult and painful time for those involved. There are a great many legal implications in a separation or divorce, especially where their are children. A legal plan can provide you with some peace of mind at a difficult time.

Court Proceedings

To most of us, the thought of a court appearance is a daunting one. The consequences of a court appearance can be serious and leave a lasting impact upon our lives. Access to expert quidance is essential to ensure your interests are properly represented.

Legal Shield

(Your 24 HR / 7 Day A Week Legal Emergency Service.) What would you do if you were arrested or detained by a police officer? Would you know what your rights were? If you found yourself in this position at 2.00am on a Sunday morning, would you know who to call? As a member assistance is just a phone call away.


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Customers Use Us

We offer our members a simple, smart, cost effective solution to their legal needs.

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Law Firms Nationally

Members have direct access to experienced quality law firms when they have a Legal need.

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Matters referred to Legal Service Providers in past year

We provide a consistent referral source of revenue.

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Legal Support

Providing effective support to our members means we are their for them around the clock.

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Legal Plans

Start from $14/month

Pre-paid legal plans are as common today as motor vehicle and health insurance plans.

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Why have a Legal Plan in today`s environment?

For many of us the thought of having to consult a lawyer or deal with an legal issue is not something we think about or want to do.  Yet in todays changing circumstances more and more we are faced with unexpected legal life events that leave us with little or no choice.

On average 7 out of 10 people experience one or more legal life events every year. So can you afford to not have a plan?

Using your membership is as EASY as 1-2-3.

Step 1

When you have a legal issue or need legal advice simply call us during normal business hours, on the number listed on the back of your membership card. If you require emergency legal advice after normal business hours, all you have to do is call the Legal Shield emergency number which is also on the back of your membership card.

Step 2

The person answering your call will ask you for your name and membership number. Your membership number is listed on the front of your membership card. Have your membership card handy when you make the call.

Step 3

The person answering your call will also ask you what type of legal concern you have. This helps to choose a solicitor experienced in the particular area of law that you may need help with. If a solicitor is unavailable at the time of your call, simply leave a contact number that you can be reached on and the solicitor will call you back within twenty four (24) hours. In the event of an after hours legal emergency, call the Legal Shield emergency number and you will be connected directly to oncall duty support.

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When it comes to the need for legal services, it is not a question of IF, but of When

Don`t wait until its too late, act now and protect yourself from life`s unexpected legal challenges.


"All Australians, regardless of means, should have access to high quality legal services or effective dispute resolution mechanisms necessary to protect their rights and interests. In some cases, such services are clearly essential to ensure that an individual's rights are protected and injustice avoided. The objective of equality before the law is unattainable if people experience barriers that prevent them enforcing their rights. The most obvious barriers are the financial difficulties faced by people who cannot afford legal advice and representation."


Ronald Sackville QC -1994

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Pre-Paid Legal provides its members with direct access to an experienced quality law firm when they have a Legal need.

Law firms are encouraged to apply for the provision of Legal Services to our members by becoming part of our Legal Service Provider network.

If you would like to join us and gain a consistant referral source of revenue at no cost or you are interested but would like to know more. Then click on the button below.


Law firms are encouraged to apply for the provision of Legal Services to Pre-Paid Legal Members by becoming part of our Legal Service Provider network.

01 Pre-Paid Legal provides its members with direct access to an experienced quality law firm when they have a Legal need.

02 We have built a successful Legal Provider network around the world. Law firms that understand and appreciate the everyday legal needs our members face.

03 A team of experienced legal professionals who are there to guide and assist our members wherever possible, be it a personal or business matter.

04 With more than 115 million people taking out pre-paid legal plans globally, we offer a growing source of referrals and revenue.

05 If you are a lawyer or law firm and would like to be part of a team of experienced professionals and have access to a consistant referral source of revenue. Then Click here or on the appropriate button below.


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About Pre-Paid Legal

Understanding the struggles that individuals, families and business owners encompass with not having access to affordable legal services, is the inspiration behind Pre-Paid Legal Plans. Learn more

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