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Our Business Opportunity

  • Our Market

    Today’s economic uncertainty is having a devastating effect on people’s employment and financial security, and there has never been a greater need for what we do. Most of us are looking to make more money, save more money and where possible protect our financial well-being to maintain or improve our lives whilst reaching for our goals.

    Statistics Show

    • 76% of those employed live paycheck to paycheck.
    • 57% of all workers surveyed have saved less than $55,000 toward their retirement.
    • 26% of workers expect to work past age 70.
    • The average Australian family has two credit cards or more with in-excess of $8,220 in credit card debt.

    Time for a Change

    • There has never been a better time to earn extra income or start a new business.
    • To take hold of your future and financial well-being.
    • To take charge of your life and in doing so make a difference to others and be part of a winning Team
  • Our Opportunity

    The Legal services industry is one of the largest businesses in the world, and Pre-Paid Legal has created a great opportunity for people from all walks of life to achieve their dreams. Whether you want to earn a little extra money part-time or start a business, Pre-Paid Legal offers you the freedom to make your own decisions

    • Freedom from a job
    • Freedom from a boss
    • Freedom to be in business for yourself
    • Freedom to dream big
    • Freedom to live life on your terms

    Pre-Paid Legal is the company that can help you discover that freedom, and it’s a company you can believe in.

  • What We Do... and Why

    Legal Risk is everywhere and in today`s economic uncertainty you are far more likely to be faced with a legal issue than not. Pre-Paid Legal provides affordable legal access to its members through cost effective pre-paid legal plans. A Pre-Paid Legal Plan will provide you, your family and your business with immediate access to quality legal services and support for the most common day to day legal requirements you may encounter, through a network of experienced Legal Service Providers at a cost you can afford. – It is the company's philosophy to establish an effective, cost efficient service by which people will be able to protect and preserve their legal rights no matter where they reside.

    Pre-Paid Legal Plans

    • are simply a way of organising and financing the delivery of legal services, to bring those services to people in a way they are accustomed to receiving and paying for other services. The most obvious parallel is the medical benefits delivery system, which is based to a large extent, on the availability of insurance to cover the cost of service. Its that simple.

      What do we offer - A Smart, Simple & Cost Effective Solution

      • Pre-Paid Legal plans offer a Smart, Simple and Cost Effective solution to accessing advice and support for any legal issue without the worry of how.
      • Pre-Paid Legal plans provide for the prepayment of legal advice, consultation and representation combined with a discount fee-for-service benefit. They are designed to cover a large percentage of the average person's and small business's legal needs in a given year.
      • Pre-Paid Legal plans provide access to services such as legal advice, information by phone, office consultations, preparation and review of legal documents and contracts, trial representation, property advice and settlement, negotiation and mediation services, Wills and Powers of Attorney, a 24 hour legal emergency service and much more, through a network of Legal Service Providers, carefully selected to provide such services.
      • Pre-Paid Legal provides affordable access to the legal system for everyone through a network of long established and highly regarded independent law firms with experienced lawyers who are specialists in their areas of law.
  • Become an Associate - Sell Part-Time

    Pre-Paid Legal offers the chance for you to earn a second income or start a business part-time, while maintaining the security of your existing part or full-time job. Regardless of whether you love what you’re doing now, and simply need to earn some additional income – or you want to launch an entire new career – Pre-Paid Legal offers you the flexibility to decide what’s best for you.


    • In order to become a PPL Associate, you must first be a registered Pre-Paid Legal member and hold a current legal services plan before you can do so. Its that simple.

      The potential to earn is up to you

      • Would you like the potential to earn an extra $500 a month to pay off debt, start an education fund for your children, buy a new car, or take a nice vacation?
      • Pre-Paid Legal lets you start part-time to earn a second income, or transition to a new full-time career while you keep your current part or full-time job.
      • Pre-Paid Legal was built for people who want to make their dreams come true.

  • Become an Partner/Affiliate

    Pre-Paid Legal has designed its products to offer a tangible value proposition to help set its partners/affiliates apart from the rest with experience and creative vision. We believe in the power of a dynamic relationship, and many of our partners and affiliates have found that offering a legal plan, not only differentiates their proposition but brings substantial value and strengthens the success of their businesses. So if you have a business and would like to add increased value to your existing service offering, then partner or become an affiliate with us today and see the difference.

    Advantages for Partners

    • A value added benefit that customers need
    • Enhances business`s ability to service client needs
    • Differentiates business`s product offering
    • Differentiates business from competition
    • Provides value to total product portfolio
    • Not a threat to existing product portfolio
    • Low risk, low maintenance product offering
    • Is a straightforward, uncomplicated employee benefit offering substantial advantages for employers
    • Enhances benefits portfolio
    • Helps attract and retain employees
    • Proactive approach to employee well-being
    • Drives down employer costs
    • Mitigates negative effects of legal life events
    • Enhances corporate brand workforce moral

    Advantages for Clients

    • Saves thousands of dollars on legal fees
    • Helps with timely and accurate decisions
    • React and respond more quickly (improved outcomes)
    • Achieves more preventative goals
    • Reduces personal and family stress.

  • Become a Legal Service Provider

    Pre-Paid Legal provides its members with direct access to an experienced quality law firm when they have a Legal need. We have built a successful Legal Provider network around the world.
    If you would like to become a Legal Service Provider and gain a consistent referral source of revenue or you are interested but would like to know more. Then complete the application form to the right of the page.


    • Be established with a minimum of 10 years of operation;
    • Be in good standing with the Legal Practice Board in their respective State or Territory;
    • Provide specialist lawyers in the areas required under our legal service plans;
    • Have a history in practising a service philosophy parallel to that of Pre-Paid Legal Services;
    • Understand and empathise with the needs of our members and their legal problems;
    • Provide courteous and professional service at all times;
    • Treat all members as if they were their largest client, in most cases.

    What we offer:

    • A consistent referral source of work;
    • Increased exposure to potential clients;
    • Increased cashflow for the law firm;
    • No external marketing costs.

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There`s never been a better time to help your customers and your bottom line - enquire now.

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More About Pre-Paid Legal

A Pre-Paid Legal plan is a smart, simple and cost effective solution to dealing with the legal challenges we face throughout our lives. Pre-Paid Legal Plans enable members to prevent legal issues from becoming legal problems.

legal services

01 100,000+ Customers use us - A Pre-Paid Legal plan lets you consult a lawyer whenever you think you might have a problem, without fear of the cost. With more than 8900+ legal matters referred in the past year, legal issues are quite common.

02 From less than a dollar per day a pre-paid legal plan not only provides you a wide range of benefits, it offers you that extra peace of mind.

03 Pre-Paid Legal Plans provide for the prepayment of legal advice, consultation and representation combined with a discount fee-for-service benefit, designed to cover a large percentage of the average person's and small business's legal needs in a given year.

04 Legal services are provided through a Legal Service Provider network of long established and highly regarded independent Law firms, 240+ Law Firms nationally and counting - with experienced lawyers who are specialists in their areas of law carefully selected to provide such services.

About Pre-Paid Legal

Understanding the struggles that individuals, families and business owners encompass with not having access to affordable legal services, is the inspiration behind Pre-Paid Legal Plans. Learn more

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