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Apprentice Information and Resources

The Apprentice/Trainee Information and Resources area provides general access to various Federal, State and Territory Government support bodies to assist in ensuring all information about apprenticeships and traineeships is readily available for students, families and employers. Apprenticeships and Traineeships in Australia are available in most vocational fields. They entail a period of training involving both practical work and studies and lead to qualifications allowing them to register/be employed in a particular trade. There are different forms of apprenticeship from school based to full time, with traineeships also possible.

This section of the ApprenticeTrainee Legal Support website provides apprentices with direct access to various government, semi government and private enterprise information and resource services for Apprentices and Trainees.

General Support Links

State and Territory Government Support Services for Apprentices

Federal Government Support Services for Apprentices

Apprenticeships for Specific Needs & Industries

Research & Reviews

Search Engines

Government Education Departments

General Support Links

Help with Wage and Pay levels

Financial Support

Important information you might need to know

Glossary of Terms


State and Territory Support Services for Apprentices

Australian Capital Territory

ACT - Apprentices and Adult Learners 
Apprenticeships, VET in schools and Community Education.

Australian School Based Apprenticeships Program
Involves part-time traineeships for senior secondary.

Youth InterACT
Information, games, publications, Have Your Say, InfoLine and more.

Skills Training
‘Promoting and developing an educated, skilled and flexible workforce for our target industries in the ACT and surrounding regions’.

Student to Industry Program
Programs, Adopt a School. find jobs, ASBAs, resources, links. Resources for all groups.

New South Wales

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders
‘Are your looking for an apprenticeship, traineeship or other vocational training ? The NSW State Training Services has a range of services and programs to help you’.

Apprenticeships & Traineeships, DET

Australian Business Limited Apprenticeships Centre
‘Experienced provider of Australian Apprenticeship services in NSW’. Success stories, FAQs, links, value of apprenticeships, and I want to be an apprentice sections’.

Financial Help
The State Government and the Commonwealth Government offer assistance to encourage employers to take you on as an apprentice or trainee.

Group Training Association of NSW
‘A Group training organisation - a one stop shop for all your apprenticeship and traineeship needs’.

Guide to Apprenticeships and Traineeships in New South Wales
Department of Education & Training.

Jump Start
‘If you’re looking for a new path, love a challenge, and want a career that offers great variety over the long term, applying for a cadetship with us is a great way to give your career a JumpSTART’. From the NSW Government.

Leaving School
Department of Education & Training. Options available.

STE 1300apprentice

‘Within this site you will find information about our company, how to prepare for a job interview and details to assist you in selecting a career as an apprentice or trainee. STE 1300apprentice [also] offers a range of career options for you to consider’. Sydney based group.

 Trades Schools, School Based Apprenticeships and Traineeships in NSW

Information for student/parent, employers, RTOs, more. You can also access this Questions and Answers about School-based Apprenticeships and Traineeships document.

Applying & Enrolling - Apprenticeships & Traineeships.

Young People at Work
Getting started, Know Your Rights, Leaving a Job.

Northern Territory

Apprenticeships & Traineeships, DEET
Use menus for specific areas.

Australian Apprenticeships NT
‘Your one stop shop for information on Australian Apprenticeships in the Northern Territory’.

Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Select Employment & Education then Apprenticeships & Traineeships.

Group Training NT
‘Where you find the best apprentices and trainees’.

HSTAC - Apprenticeships

Training Advisory Council.

 NT Apprenticeships and Traineeships Database

‘Use the form to search the database for apprenticeships and traineeships in the Northern Territory’. Search tips.

Training and Beyond School
Includes Higher Education, Apprenticeships, Indigenous Training, scholarships and more.

School Based Apprenticeships and Traineeships Policy


Apprenticeships Info
Apprentices & Trainees, School-based Apprenticeships and Traineeships, business information, Information Sheets & Forms. Contact details.

Apprenticeships Queensland Ltd
Based in Ipswich.

Queensland Apprenticeship Services

Queensland Training Information
‘Search or browse for information on apprenticeships and traineeships approved by the Training and Employment Recognition Council for delivery in Queensland. Including, preferred supplier scorecards, details on supporting courses and qualifications, restricted callings and preferred suppliers’.

School-based Apprenticeships and Traineeships
‘School-based apprenticeships and traineeships [SATs] allow high school students to work for an employer, train towards a recognised qualification, and complete their secondary school studies’.

Skilling Solutions Queensland
A ‘State Government initiative to help you get the qualifications you need to succeed in today’s competitive job market’. Includes Becoming an Apprentice.

SkillsTech Australia
Queensland government. Apprenticeship and Traineeship information.

Department of Education & Training. Includes apprenticeship information.

South Australia

Aboriginal Apprenticeship Program
Contact details, links for specific areas.

Australian School Based Apprenticeships [SA]
Information, PDF documents, requirements.

Learning, Make It Work For You
Information linked to the change in the school leaving age and options available.

SA Central - Traineeships - Apprenticeships

School-based Apprenticeships - Traineeships

TAFE SA - Apprenticeships and Traineeships

Trade Schools for The Future
‘Student/School Based Apprentices’.

Training SA
Information for students & the community, businesses, employers & employees, training organisations.


For Learners, Apprenticeships & Traineeships
Includes the Guide and Fully Competency Based Apprenticeships and Traineeships. Other TTAC Policies from the Tasmanian Training Agreement Committee are found here.

Resources to Support Career, Work and Enterprise Education
You can also access a list of References and Websites here.

Support for Apprentices/Trainees
Everything from Accommodation to Training Consultants.

Skills Tasmania Facts
‘For all the latest news and events’. Free subscription.

Tasmanian Polytechnic
Find what you can do there.


Apprenticeships Group Australia
‘Business name which unites two of Australia’s most experienced group training organisations, Gippsland Group Training and Apprenticeships Victoria’.

Apprentices, Trainees and TAFE Students
Links to information from the \Department of Education and Early Childhood Development.

Apprenticeships Melbourne
‘Contracted by the Australian Government to deliver Australian Apprenticeship Support Services to employers, Australian Apprentices, training providers, schools, and the wider community’.

Australian Apprenticeships [VECCI]
Employment, Education & Training.

Career Development and Employment
Apprenticeships & Traineeships for young Victorians. Part of RMIT.

Skills Victoria
Home page for all areas, one of which is Get an Apprenticeship or Traineeship. ‘Information, links and tips about how to get started as an apprentice or trainee’.
Well presented !

Support for Current Australian Apprentices

Training Support Network
Provides information about government requirements, tools, resources, curriculum documents, teacher networks, news, other links, FAQs and more.

Youth Transitions
Looks at a range of options including Apprenticeships.

Western Australia

Aboriginal School Based Training
‘Will help you start an apprenticeship or traineeship in school so you can get a great job afterwards’. Get a PDF Brochure from the site.

Apprenticeship and Traineeship Policy Guidelines
Also access Fact Sheets and Forms.

News, Job Board, videos, sections for various groups, contact details, Guide and list for both apprenticeships and traineeships in PDF format.

The Department of Training and Workforce Development

Regional Training Services
South/West WA. Use the menu on the left to access material.

Federal Support Services for Apprentices

Government and semi-government groups:

Apprentice Kickstart
Extended till 12 November 2010.

Australian Apprenticeships
Information for everything related to Australian Apprenticeships. The site for essential information. The Australian Apprenticeships Access Program is linked to this which provides job seekers who experience barriers to skilled employment, with pre-vocational training, support and assistance to obtain and maintain an Australian Apprenticeship. Alternatively, a job seeker may be supported into employment, further education or training.

Australian Apprenticeships Access Program

Provides job seekers who experience barriers to skilled employment, with pre-vocational training, support and assistance to obtain and maintain an Australian Apprenticeship. Alternatively, a job seeker may be supported into employment, further education or training.

Australian Apprenticeships Centre Search
‘Enter your postcode for a list of Australian Apprenticeships Centres in your region’.

Australian Apprenticeship Job Pathways
Search, self help, information, links, careers advisers.

Australian Apprenticeships, Minister’s Awards

Australian Apprenticeships Training Information Service
Search the Australian Apprenticeships Training Information Service site for information about apprenticeships and training packages.

Australian JobSearch
Find an Australian Apprenticeship Centre nearest to you, access Apprenticeship vacancies across the country by post code and occupation.

Australian National Training Authority
Listing of accredited Quality Assurance Consultants.

Business Entry Point - Hiring Apprentices & Trainees
Information for clientele.

Productivity Places Program 

The primary objective of the Productivity Places Program (PPP) is to provide targeted training to support the development of skills in Australia to meet existing and future industry demands.


The training and skills sector, also known as vocational education and training or VET, gives Australians the opportunity to gain the skills they need to enter the workforce for the first time, to re-enter the workforce, to retrain for a new job or to upgrade their skills for an existing job.

training.com.au (Australia)

Training.com.au provides you with a vast range of vocational education and training information, products and services in Australia.


You will find current career information, articles and links to thousands of resources to assist you on your career journey.

Trade Training Centres in Schools Program

The Trade Training Centres in Schools Program is an important element of the Australian Government’s Education Revolution. It will provide $2.5 billion over 10 years to enable all secondary students to access vocational education through Trade Training Centres.

Year 12 - what next?

Is a guide to help Year 12 students plan their post-school education and training. Provides a quick way for young people to access up-to-date information about the vast array of post-school study options through vocational education and training (VET) and New Apprenticeships, as well as university.


    Australian Apprenticeships
    Centrelink’s Home Page for this area.

    Australian Apprenticeships Access Program
    Information about Centrelink’s role in this area.

    Australian Apprenticeship Centres
    Information regarding referrals to these.

    Workforce Innovation Program
    ‘The program provides funding for innovative, one-off projects that address workforce skill needs’. Download the Guidelines here. Also available in RTF format.

    Indigenous Australian Apprenticeships Kit
    ‘An informative and practical guide to building your organisation’s capacity to service Indigenous clients. It has been developed through extensive consultations with experienced workers in the field. The website allows you to access the contents of the resource in two ways’.

    ‘Designed to provide skills-related information for industries and regions, as well on education and training and skills issues. The website is built around five themes : Education and Training, Industries, Regions, Skills Issues and Skills Links’. Look for apprenticeships in the Education and Training section.

    The Apprenticeships for the 21st Century Expert Panel
    ‘The Expert Panel was appoint ed by the Australian Government in July 2010, to provide advice on reform options for the Australian Apprenticeships system’. Find details, download documents including the Report, brochures and more.

    Tools For Your Trade
    ‘The initiative will help to alleviate the financial burden on eligible Australian Apprentices, in the first year of their Australian Apprenticeship, by providing tool kits’.

    Trade Training Centres in Schools Program
    ‘Trade Training Centres are being established to help increase the proportion of students achieving Year 12 or an equivalent qualification and help address skill shortages in traditional trades and emerging industries’.

    What are Australian Apprenticeships?
    By the people who developed the Good Guides. Provides common sense and factual information about Australian Apprenticeships.

    WorkPlace Portal
    ‘Provides online services, employment information, government assistance, jobs, careers, training and working conditions’.

    Apprenticeships for Specific Needs & Industries

    Links to specific industries or work areas. Some state/territory level, others national. Also apprenticeships for those with disabilities.

    ADF Recruitment

    Trades Training Page for Defence Force Recruiting. Information, contacts and basic detail about training, salary, initial length of service and then indicates a range of other details. Links to other sections related to recruiting.

    BIGA Apprentices
    ‘BIGA Employment and Training is the leader in developing and placing building and construction apprentices in small to large organisations across Queensland’.

    Defence Force Recruiting

    Field - Australian Apprenticeships
    Geared to those who suffer from disability. Information, links to other sites.

    Tourism Training Australia - New Apprenticeships

    Other Sites

    Australian Council for Private Education and Training
    ‘The national industry association for independent providers of post-compulsory education and training, for Australian and international students, including Vocational Education and Training’.

    Australian Apprenticeships Training Information Service
    ‘An industry site providing resources for AACs, RTOs, GTOs and other organisations marketing and implementing Australian Apprenticeships’. Pathway Charts, government initiatives, industry information, What‘s New, FAQs.

    Group Training Australia
    Download podcasts, find career information, find an apprenticeship or traineeship, information for employers, find a local training group and more.

    Jobs Plus Apprenticeships Services
    ‘As an Australian Apprenticeships Centre we provide information, advice and support to employers, employees and other interested parties regarding Australian Apprenticeships’.

    MAS National
    ‘We guide you through every aspect of the Australian Apprenticeships program, providing fast, accurate and efficient service that you can rely on. Find out more about how MAS National can help you’.

    ‘We can help employers upskill their existing staff, employ new staff and invest in their business’ future through employing apprentices and trainees. We can help job seekers make themselves more employable, gain additional skills, find a job’.

    My Gateway
    ‘MG is a “one stop shop” for apprenticeship and traineeship services for both job seekers and employers’.

    Free, Prompt & Reliable advice and Support with New Apprenticeships and Traineeships’.

    Worldskills Australia
    A group that operates ‘skill competitions in over 52 trade and skill areas. Competitions held in bricklaying, garment production, commercial cookery, heavy vehicle mechanics, electrical installation, IT support and more’. Involvement details.

    Research & Reviews

    Review of the Commonwealth New Apprenticeships Incentive Program. Review by the peak Australian Union body of incentive schemes for implementing the New Apprenticeship Scheme.

    NCVER Research
    Priorities, research programs, projects, Statistical Information.

    VOCED Research
    ‘Is the UNESCO/NCVER research database for technical and vocational education and training, an international database of research abstracts, in English’. Advice on how to gain the full-text version, a Thesaurus, Journal’s List and further links. Based in South Australia.

    Search Engines

    Australian JobSearch
    Advanced search allows you to specify Apprenticeships/Traineeships.

    Provides a listing of selected, available apprenticeships.

    ‘JET is a web-based employment portal focusing solely on Apprenticeships & Traineeships. Registered jobseekers receive weekly emails containing apprenticeship and traineeship vacancies in the industries that they select’.

    What are Apprenticeships & Traineeships ?
    Also check this JET link, which has extensive information.

    Government Education Departments


    Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations (schooling section) (National)

    Department of Education and Training (ACT) 

    Department of Education and Training (NSW) 

    Department of Employment, Education and Training (Northern Territory)

    Department of Education, Training and the Arts (Queensland) 
    http://deta.qld.gov.au/ -  http://education.qld.gov.au/

    Department of Education and Children's Services (South Australia) 

    Department of Education (Tasmania) 

    Department of Education and Training (Victoria) 

    Department of Education and Training (Western Australia) 
    http://det.wa.edu.au/ -   http://www.dtwd.wa.gov.au/

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